ethical coffee: a jute guide

At jute, we drink coffee every day, but we’ll never stop regarding it as a treat. It’s a marvel, after all, that we can enjoy coffee here in the UK – this most special of crops,…

How to describe what coffee tastes like

The phenomenon of tasting notes is a funny one. We use them at jute, of course: you’ll find brief notes on our bags and more in-depth ones on our site’s product pages. But really they’re an…

Easy coffee recipes

The more you explore the flavours of coffee, the more that’s revealed to you. You get a taste for nuance and start tuning into subtle shades of flavour. A reaction that was at first something like,…

How to brew excellent coffee at home

Cafés that take their work seriously often adopt a certain ‘look’. It’s kind of a mash-up of white cube gallery foyer + Scandinavian wood cabin + rickety laboratory and it has caught on the world over….

How to recycle waste coffee grounds

As part of our zero waste journey, we’ve teamed up with bio bean to recycle waste coffee grounds from our customers and get these turned into compact fire logs that can be used in home woodburners and stoves….

jute and Workbridge: bees

Did you know… We’ve recently started working with Workbridge, a local charity offering vocational pathways for people with mental illness, learning disabilities or brain injuries. They provide people with fantastic opportunities to gain skills and build…

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