We do!  Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. This uses spring water and osmosis to produce a delicious, chemical solvent-free decaf.

Our coffees are quality, 100% Arabica beans, ethically sourced from Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Costa Rica.

Store your coffee in an airtight container, like our refillable jute canister, out of direct sunlight and at room temperature (no more than 20 degrees).  Beans don’t like air, moisture, heat or light!

Choose from whole bean or ground for espresso, cafetiere or filter when you place your order and we’ll grind your coffee how you like it.

If you’d like us to grind your coffee for a moka pot or AeroPress, select the filter grind option and drop us a message in the Notes field to let us know.


We recommend:

  • If using a cafetiere, 3-4 minutes before plunging.
  • In a drip system like a filter machine or moka pot, it should take around 5 minutes.
  • Espresso has a quicker brew time — the coffee extraction process should take 20-30 seconds.
  • Cold brew, however, takes 12-15 hours – pop it in the fridge overnight.


£3.35 (via Royal Mail second class) for standard orders under £25.  For anything over £25, delivery is free. Delivery on any one of our subscription plans is included in the price of each plan.


Our coffee subscription service is easy to set up and means no more running out of delicious, ethically-sourced coffee! You’ll save 7.5% on each bag, and we’ll also pop in a handy coffee canister with your first order. You can change or cancel your plan at any time.

We have two plans, Explorer and Voyager

Coffees from our core range: the jute blend, Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian, Honduran single origins, and the jute blend dark roast.

Coffees from our core range listed above. You’ll also receive our Indonesian, Papua New Guinean, Peruvian and Costa Rican single origins.


Yes – each one is made from at least 70% sugarcane (from waste from the sugarcane industry) and is in a jute colour that is easily recyclable. Check with your council – you should just be able to pop it out with your plastic recycling –  if not, most supermarkets have collection points (it goes in along with bread bags and the like). Even the labels are recyclable. We know this pouch isn’t a perfect solution – we’re still working on finding that!  Read more about our Low impact packaging on our About Us page.

We are proud to be the UK’s first coffee supplier to supply coffee beans to commercial customers in reusable tubs. Head on over to our Wholesale page to find out more.


Head on over to our A-Z of coffee words.

Ts and Cs

Click here to read our Ts & Cs


We agree single-use plastic is a big problem. However, when used responsibly, as with our coffee containers, plastic can be an excellent way of reducing waste. Here’s why:

  • Our durable tubs are guaranteed to last for 25 years. That saves in excess of 1000 kilo bags from landfill – per tub!
  • At the end of their life, the containers can be recycled. They’re made out of (HDPE High Density Poly Ethylene) which is one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle.
  • Plastic tubs are food safe meaning we don’t need to compromise on the quality of our coffee.

Our tubs are pressure tested meaning their seal releases the CO2 from the roasted beans.

Yes! Our pouches are made from at least 70% sugarcane (from waste from the sugarcane industry) and is in a jute colour that is easily recyclable (check with your council, you should just be able to pop it out with your plastic recycling – if not, most supermarkets have collection points). The labels are recyclable too.

Most other coffee bags are laminated or lined with foil. This keeps moisture and oxygen out meaning your coffee beans stay fresh. However, it also means the bags can’t be easily recycled or composted, but jute coffee bags are completely recyclable.

  • We work with bio-bean and take commercially used grounds to be made into coffee logs.
  • Our coffee is ethically sourced from small cooperatives
  • We sponsor a beehive for every 500kg of coffee sold – a little thank you to coffee-pollinating bees for keeping us buzzing!
  • We aim to operate a paper-free office to cut down on paper and printer inks. We have digital to-do lists, scan bills and receipts and send invoices and POs via email where possible.
  • We reuse any packaging that we receive.
  • We supply local zero waste, plastic-free shops.
  • We sell reusable cups at events, helping customers to step away from using takeaway coffee cups.

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