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Welcome to jute coffee, we make it easy to serve great coffee.

We source outstanding quality, 100% arabica coffee from small cooperatives around the globe, roast all of our beans by hand at our small roastery in the Northamptonshire countryside, and then send it to you in a low impact way as possible.

Our coffee

Our coffee is ethically sourced from cooperatives that work to give farmers an income, opportunities and access to community resources, including educational and water projects. You can find out more about the source of each of our coffees over on the product pages.

We only source 100% arabica coffee because we want to share the best flavours out there with you, and don’t believe robusta quite delivers on this.

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Award winning

We’re thrilled to bits with our Great Taste Awards: the jute blend was awarded one star in 2019 – a couple of fine-tune adjustments later, and we won two stars in 2020 and 2021! The jute Decaf and Ethiopian single origin coffees also scooped a star this year. In 2022  jute was awarded a Weetabix-sponsored Silver award for sustainability.


We are SALSA approved. This food safety certification demonstrates that we are able to produce and supply safe and legal food. It certifies that we operate to standards that are recognised and accepted across the industry and exceed the minimum standards expected by enforcement authorities.

Low impact packaging

We’ve been investigating low impact coffee packaging for a long time, and it’s been a challenging process to say the least. Settle in with a coffee and we’ll tell you more…

We didn’t want to use a compostable coffee bag because most only compost in an industrial processor – they don’t break down in your garden compost bin, so aren’t as eco-friendly as they might sound.

We didn’t want to use a virgin oil-based PET 100% plastic bag. Sure, these can be recycled, but we wanted to go one step further and find a product that was bio-based to minimise the impact to the environment that little bit more.

We didn’t want to use a black recyclable bag. Most local authority recycling plants aren’t yet kitted out with the laser technology needed to detect black plastic, so it generally doesn’t get recycled. Strike! That’s why we went for the jute pouch – each one is made from at least 70% sugarcane (from waste from the sugarcane industry) and is in a jute colour that is easily recyclable. Check with your council – you should just be able to pop it out with your plastic recycling – if not, most supermarkets have collection points (it goes in along with bread bags and the like). And yes, the labels are recyclable too. Phew!

We know this pouch isn’t a perfect solution – we’re still working on finding that! .

Over on the wholesale side of jute, we’re proactively working towards becoming a zero waste supplier and were the first UK coffee supplier to supply coffee beans to commercial customers in reusable tubs, each one food-safe and designed to last 25 years before being recycled.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do…

We work with Envar, taking used grounds from our commercial partners to be recycled into coffee logs.

We sponsor beehives on a beekeeping course at Workbridge, a local charity that delivers vocational training to people with mental illness, learning disabilities or brain injuries. This is also a little thank you to coffee-pollinating bees for keeping us buzzing!

We also stock reusable cups made from recycled single-use paper cups which are also 100% recyclable.

Our roastery

We roast every green bean ourselves to ensure a consistently high quality each time. Mornings start with a quick test of the water pH levels before we grind and cup to taste what we are sending out. We roast with care on a 20kg Toper, using dedicated software to monitor every stage of the roast.

Coffee know-how

With over a decade’s experience in the coffee industry, we know our beans. We’ve had some great times running corporate coffee ops, handpicking coffee cherries in Honduras, running training sessions for baristas around the world and exploring the latest coffee trends.

We promise not to bedazzle you with science or baffle you with technicalities – we’ll just keep delivering great coffee time after time.

We can’t wait for you to join our adventure.

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