Voyager Bundle

Includes four bags of single origin coffee from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Peru, and one bag of the award-winning jute blend. Delivered to your door with free UK postage.

100% arabica coffee

Ethically sourced and hand-roasted at our roastery in Northamptonshire


5 x 250g bags


This bundle is sent out with free UK P&P. Order by midday for same-day despatch.

The coffee in the Voyager Bundle is ethically sourced from coffee co-operatives in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Peru. You’ll get four bags of delicious single origin coffee, and a bag of the jute blend (did we mention this won two stars in the 2020 Great Taste Awards?!).

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is coffee to its very core, with profits made from the bean contributing a fair bit to the country’s modernisation these past two centuries. Tended by the fabulous Coope Tarrazu cooperative and bursting with raisin, persimmon and pear, jute Costa Rica single origin does the nation’s coffee heritage proud. Try brewing with V60 or Chemex®. We particularly like this as a long black.


Indonesian coffee is a one-off. The nation’s producers process their gorgeous, high-altitude beans using a unique method called giling basah (wet-hulled), which imparts punchy notes of wood and tobacco. Our Indonesian single origin throws in some apple, chocolate and raisin for good measure and is great as a long black or with milk.

Papua New Guinea

With hundreds and hundreds of native languages, cultural diversity is programmed into Papua New Guinea (PNG) and standardisation is still – blessedly – a foreign concept. This extends to the country’s coffee output, which is as teemingly varied as the highlands where the best coffee is grown – including ours, which sings with notes of peach, blackberry and cherry. Delicious with or without milk.


Our Peruvian single blend is 100% arabica. It’s all woman, too, coming as it does from the Café Femenino cooperative, which is a women-only operation. Expect cocoa, maple syrup and lime in your cup with this one, whether you take it as a long black or with milk.

jute blend coffee

For our award-winning jute blend, we’ve taken four of our original single origins and combined them in a ratio that emphasises their individual qualities – we think the result is versatile and more than the sum of its parts, with a beautifully balanced palette of cherry, chocolate and toffee. Is great black or with milk.

100% arabica coffee
Ethically sourced and hand-roasted