Pezzetti Moka Pot Bundle

High quality silver moka pot for crafting traditional Italian espresso. Eight sided shape diffuses heat evenly to enhance the aroma and taste of the coffee. Choose from two bundles, the 3 cup or 6 cup moka pot bundle.

This bundle comes with a 250g bag of the award-winning jute blend, beans or ground, you decide. Makes a great gift for coffee lovers.

Origin: Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia
Great Taste Awards 2019 and 2020 winner


Moka Pots

  • Brand: Pezzetti
  • Range: Italexpress
  • Material: aluminium
  • Size: Choose from 3-cup or 6-cup
  • Brew time: 4-5 minutes
  • Colour: silver
  • Use on: gas or electric hobs
  • Shape: eight sided
  • Country of origin: Italy

jute blend coffee
For our award-winning jute blend, we’ve taken four of our original single origins and combined them in a ratio that emphasises their individual qualities – we think the result is versatile and more than the sum of its parts, with a beautifully balanced palette of cherry, chocolate and toffee. Is great black or with milk.

100% arabica coffee
Ethically sourced and hand-roasted