papua new guinea coffee


Papua New Guinea coffee

100% arabica coffee

with notes of peach, blackberry and cherry

ethically sourced and hand-roasted in Market Harborough


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More about our Papua New Guinea coffee

Grown in the mountainous Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, our high-grown, washed arabica beans have notes of wild peach, blackberry and cherry.

We source our coffee beans from the Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC), one of the oldest Faritrade Certified organisations. They  comprise of around 3000 smallholder producers spread across 32 village communities. The premium earned has been spent on providing fresh water for 11 of these communities, as well as helping with infrastructure such as roads which improves everyday life, given the isolation of the villages.

Coffee is grown mainly by smallholders in ‘gardens’ – a small plot of land that contains everything from a few trees up to a three-hectare plot. Coffee is picked by hand and then dry fermented for 24 hours in wooden boxes before being washed and dried on sails – stretched tarpaulin drying beds – or raised beds. These are covered at night to protect from dew. Coffee is then collected and taken to a centralised dry mill, where it is sorted and exported.

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Whole Bean, Cafetiere, Filter, Espresso

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