Aeropress® Bundle

The Aeropress® is quick and easy to use (and clean!) whether you want to make coffee at home, in the office, or when out and about.

Making coffee in under a minute, the shorter brew time means no bitterness and acidity, giving a delicious coffee every time.

This bundle comes with a 250g bag of the award-winning jute blend, ground for the Aeropress® (or beans) making it a great gift for coffee enthusiasts.

Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia
Great Taste Awards 2019 and 2020 winner



Makes 1 to 3 cups of American coffee per pressing in about a minute

Can also brew espresso style coffee for use in lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso based drinks.Micro filtration means grit free coffee

Brews smooth, delicious, full-flavoured coffee

How does it work?

The plunger pushes the trapped air down the chamber, forces the water over the coffee and through the filter into your cup, mug or even a cocktail shaker!

Your ground coffee sits in the chamber to be brewed, not for long though.

The filter ensures coffee, nothing else, makes it into your cup.

The cap sits on the top of most mugs, which holds the coffee in place.

jute blend coffee

100% arabica coffee
Ethically sourced and hand-roasted

Origin: Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia

Aeropress includes: Aeropress coffee maker, mixer chamber, filter cap, plunger, filters (x350), filter holder, funnel, stirrer, coffee scoop, instructions

jute blend

For our award-winning jute blend, we’ve taken four of our original single origins and combined them in a ratio that emphasises their individual qualities – we think the result is versatile and more than the sum of its parts, with a beautifully balanced palette of cherry, chocolate and toffee. Is great black or with milk.