We’re proactively working towards becoming a zero-waste coffee supplier. We’re proud to be the UK’s first coffee supplier to supply coffee beans to commercial customers in reusable tubs.

What is zero waste coffee?

Call us on 07444 942108 to place your order. We’ll deliver your zero waste coffee in a reusable tub.

  1. Simply remove the safety tag, twist open the lid and add the beans to your hopper.
  2. Keep the reusable tub safe and we’ll collect it, clean it and refill it.
  3. Order a freshly roasted refill and repeat!


Can you recycle coffee bags?

Most coffee bags are laminated or lined with foil. This keeps moisture and oxygen out meaning your coffee beans stay fresh. However, it also means the bags can’t be easily recycled or composted.

But your tubs are plastic! Isn’t plastic evil?

We agree single-use plastic is a big problem. However, when used responsibly, as with our coffee containers, plastic can be an excellent way of reducing waste. Here’s why:

  1. Our durable tubs are guaranteed to last for 25 years. That saves in excess of 1000 kilo bags from landfill – per tub!
  2. At the end of their life, the containers can be recycled. They’re made out of HDPE which is one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle.
  3. Plastic tubs are food safe meaning we don’t need to compromise on the quality of our coffee.

What about the valve?

Our tubs are pressure tested meaning their seal releases the CO2 from the roasted beans.

What other environmental steps are you taking?

  • We work with bio-bean and take commercially used grounds to be made into coffee logs.
  • Our coffee is ethically sourced from small cooperatives in Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil and Colombia.
  • We sponsor a beehive for every 500kg of coffee sold – just a little thank you to coffee-pollinating bees for keeping us buzzing!
  • We aim to operate a paper-free office to cut down on paper and printer inks. We have digital to-do lists, scan bills and receipts and send invoices and POs via email where possible.
  • We reuse any packaging that we receive.
  • We supply local zero waste, plastic-free shops.
  • We sell reusable cups at events, helping customers to step away from using takeaway coffee cups.
zero waste coffee