How we recycle coffee grounds with biobean

As part of our zero waste journey, we’ve teamed up with bio bean to recycle waste coffee grounds from our customers and get these turned into compact fire logs that can be used in home woodburners and stoves.

Each log contains the grounds from around 25 cups of coffee. The logs burn more efficiently (20% hotter and longer) than wood and offer a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional solid fuels.

So, how are jute involved? We equip our wholesale partners with large caddies for their waste coffee grounds. Each time we deliver fresh coffee to them, we collect the caddies and load them into the van. We then take the waste coffee to bio bean HQ for recycling. This is where the magic happens and where your daily caffeine hit is given a second life.

The coffee logs are then sold for use in woodburners – they don’t smell of coffee (although wouldn’t that be wonderful?!). The packaging is recyclable, or can be used as a firelighter.