Teatea supplier

As well as wholesale coffee beans, we’ve also teamed up with Joe’s Tea to supply award-winning, organic tea. Their delicious range of teabags includes:

  • Ever-so-English Breakfast
  • Ever-so-English Decaf
  • Earl of Grey
  • Rest-Repeat-Rooibos
  • Sweet Chamomile
  • Proper Peppermint
  • St Clement’s Lemon
  • Queen of Green
  • Jasmine’s Green Glory
  • Whiter than White
  • Feisty Turmeric Guru
  • The Best Berry
  • Minted-Up Fruit
  • Chocca-Roo-Brew

All of Joe’s Teas are handpicked and directly traded from organic tea plantations in  Sri Lanka.

Give us a call on 07444 942108 to arrange a tea tasting or to find out more!!